Introducing NeuroSynthetica

NeuroSynthetica is building the foundation for the next generation of Artificial Intelligence-- Synthetic Intelligence. Unlike the rule-based expert systems of the 1970s and Machine Learning programming paradigms of 2010s, Synthetic Intelligence is artificial intelligence through sentience, arising from a simulated synthetic model of the minimal brain architecture necessary and sufficient for Behavior to emerge. In collaboration with our partners, we are isolating that architecture and enabling its deployment in commercial applications.


NeuroSynthetica is committed to solving sentience and enabling its safe and effective deployment in synthetic form.


Our scientific inquiry seeks to understand the conditions under which sentience arises, in natural biology as well as in simulo. Specifically:



To make our inquiry possible, we've built simulation server technology that simulates at-scale brain models (>1bn neurons with 1ms temporal resolution) created with graphical tools using SOMA™, a descriptive modeling language. The simulation server and model development tools run on commercially-available X64 PC and server hardware.

To allow models to interface with the physical world (or a virtual one such as the webscape on the internet), we have created robot interface libraries, which are available for use by community developers using platforms ranging from Raspberry Pi to X64 PC systems.

All our software runs on Linux.

Commercial Business

Our commercial business involves the licensing of technology and products such as the NeuroSynthetica Sentience Engine™ to commercial and US government customers. While we are investigating sentience, our early-adopter commercial customers can get ahead of the game and use our commercial simulation engine to power real-time Machine Learning (ML) models using next generation technology.


In our scientific role, we support the brain research community by offering the use of our technology and products, and enabling collaborative information sharing, through our Subscription Service. Subscribers can download the NeuroSynthetica Sentience Engine simulator, the Workbench development environment, robotic interface libraries and sample robot code. Documentation is available online.

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