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The people who first make synthetic sentience happen will be the people in the NeuroSynthetica Community-- visionaries, scientists, researchers, developers, and engineers. Like the people who developed the first computer system, the people who invented vaccines, the people who made spaceflight possible. Trailblazers, technology leaders, seizing the day at the right time-- today.

NeuroSynthetica is committed to the growth and health of this community. We are appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of the effort, and to provide the necessary simulation technology and tools. We also look forward to hearing your ideas that need more technology support to make them happen, and working with you to pioneer new versions of our tools that give you what you need to move ahead.

All users of NeuroSynthetica's technology start with a subscription to the community, which enables access to the software, online documentation, and a wealth of other resources.

To join the community, you must be a subscriber, and agree to the terms of our subscription agreement.[2]

The annual Community Subscription fee structure is as follows:

The NeuroSynthetica Portal

NeuroSynthetica Subscribers get access to the Community Portal, a wiki used to distribute the tools and documentation to get started. Each subscriber receives a user login, enabling access to the resources on the portal.

Subscription Benefits:

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