About NeuroSynthetica, LLC

NeuroSynthetica, LLC is a privately-held US company founded in 2017 by veteran computer technologist Steve Jones. Located in Seattle, WA and initially funded by Jones, the company's ongoing expansion is funded by software licenses.

Steve has been a professional scientist and technologist for 40 years, having personally contributed over 1,500,000 lines of code in 30 commercial software products, including six operating systems, several networking stacks, UEFI and Embedded BIOS SDKs, and a System Management Mode (SMM) operating environment.

An early Microsoft developer and development manager, Steve left to found General Software, Inc., which he built over 19 years and sold to competitor Phoenix Technologies (NASDAQ:PTEC), becoming its Chief Scientist and CTO.

Steve also contributed to the US National Laboratory program as a Senior Research Scientist for ten years, holds numerous technology patents, is an accomplished speaker, and has been a writer for journals such as Embedded Systems Programming.

Founder and CTO Steve Jones
Steve Jones, Founder & CTO

Software Available For Licensing

NeuroSynthetica's Workbench brain design tool and Sentience Engine™ real-time brain simulator are available today for licensing to qualified OEMs. Our software runs on Linux on X64 platforms.

Today the company builds brain models for supporting its prototype autonomous robots. These models are made available on a limited basis to qualified OEMs building robots as examples, and are not intended to be commercial products. Our models are written in the SOMA™ modeling language.

NeuroSynthetica does not sell robots. We can partner with robotics manufacturers to build models for specific hardware to meet specific operational requirements.