Getting Started with Synthetic Sentience

To build robots or virtual agents that employ synthetic sentience, you'll need an application program that runs on Linux that interacts with cyberspace (virtual agent) or physical actuators and sensors (robot). You'll also need a Linux server running the NeuroSynthetica Sentience Engine™, and a Linux workstation with the NeuroSynthetica Workbench installed.

The Workbench and Sentience Engine components are available directly from NeuroSynthetica. Workbench is licensed per organization, and the Sentience Engine is licensed per server, where a server boots a copy of Linux.

The Workbench Environment

Synthetic brain models may be designed and created within the Workbench development environment, using the NeuroSynthetica SOMA descriptive language.

The Sentience Engine Server

The brain simulation that provides the key to synthetic sentience is run by a real-time application, the NeuroSynthetica Sentience Engine™, itself running on an X64-based COTS server. Server clusters may be employed to scale the simulation capacity and performance as needed.